Airbnb Host Handbook: How to make money from short-term rental?

A little book that teaches you how to use Airbnb in order to earn a high monthly income, without having to work for it. And how to invest in real estate that returns good profit from short-term rental.


Sample from the book | Stan Nennoff, author

Once you’ve procured and furnished the apartment and set your price, you need to get prepared for guests. One important decision you will need to make is how you will welcome your guests.  There are two approaches and I have a strong bias towards one of them. After reading about the two approaches, I think you will agree with me.

The two approaches are:

  • Personally welcoming guests (you or your representative);
  • Self-check-in (via an access code).

I strongly believe the second option is better for both parties. So, let’s look at that option first.


This option is better for the guests because:

  • They aren’t bound to an exact arrival time. Flights get delayed, plans get changed, or they might just succumb to the appeal of a cozy coffee-shop for an hour. If they must arrive at 4 p.m. promptly, check-in becomes stressful. Not a great way to start a vacation.
  • On the other hand, if they know they can self-check-in any time after 3 p.m., they are relieved of this stress and their stay gets off to a great start.
  • Airbnb even promotes listings that have the option of self-check-in. This is one of the criteria to be included in the section for business travel. In the normal listings, the self-check-in option is also clearly displayed in the listing.

As a host, this is also much better for me. From day to day, I never know how my schedule might change. In my personal very short experience with personal welcoming, I discovered that guests never arrive on time. It was quite normal for me to wait around an hour or more for guest arrival. In some cases, guests didn’t keep in touch by phone. As a host, I don’t find personally greeting guests suitable.

Self-check-in Products

If people are going to check themselves in, you must have a way to safely and securely store the key. I recommend the MasterLock brand of key lockbox. The model that is hung like a padlock provides the best flexibility.  While there are models that can be attached to the wall, they decrease your flexibility as they are not easy to relocate.

Where can you buy MasterLock?

They are available at hardware stores or you can just order one from Amazon and have it shipped direct to you.

Where is the best place to locate it?

These MasterLock lockboxes are designed to be exposed to outside weather. Snow or rain cannot damage them, and they cannot be broken. These devices were created exactly for this purpose! Of course, in several years one may begin to wear, and the code digits may be harder to move or the hasp might not open easily. In this case, you should just replace it.

Hang the lockbox as close as possible to the entrance door of the building. In most EU countries, it is common practice to give keys for the building entrance door and the apartment door. So, prepare a set of keys and put it in the MasterLock. It doesn’t matter where you hang it. What does matter is providing super-easy instructions to guests in advance so they can find it. It is very important to provide these instructions to guests before their arrival and to make sure they got them. Otherwise, people will show up ringing the bell and saying: “Hello! We are here!“.

When it comes to preparing arrival instructions, I recommend taking photographs of the MasterLock’s positioning, so that its location is visible in relation to the address and the entrance. I even use arrows or red circling to point it out.

If the MasterLock is hanging, you should pull the pin to open it. Just so the guest knows how to do this, I shot a 20-second video showing how to open it. I send the video with the arrival instructions. It is highly recommended you do the same. It doesn’t have to be professional quality. Just shoot a quick video with your smartphone and send guests the link.

I recommend uploading the video and photographs to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then include links in the arrival instructions to guests.