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Stan NennoffStan Nennoff

Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor, Father, Husband and Student of Life. I’m happy when I’m able to create useful things. I also love to help others create. Thirty years old.

Current work

Advomi | LegalTech company that provides affordable legal services for businesses and individuals. We do that through software products and empowering lawyers with technology. Providing an amazing customer experience is what matters to us. Currently expanding to South East Asia with a second HQ in Singapore. Founder and CEO.

MyRights | Non-profit. Promotes legal rights and active citizenship for 200,000 monthly users in Bulgaria. Also expanding to SEA. Founder and Chairman.

Airbnb Guide | I wrote a little book on how to run a profitable Airbnb business and earn a passive income from real estate. People liked the book in Bulgaria, and I decided to make it available in Hungary, Romania, Poland, as well as in English, Spanish and German speaking countries. Author.

Investing | I run a small family fund and invest in the USA public stock market. I am a student of the value investing school (Warren Buffett being the most famous value investor).

Previous work

Instahost | Short-term rental (Airbnb) management company. Decided to scale down the company with my business partner so that we manage only our own apartments in the portfolio.

Anagami | Easy and affordable accounting for small businesses. Advomi has a 50 percent stake in that business. We’re helping it scale-up. As of the end of 2018, Anagami has 17+ talented accountants serving 250+ clients. Board member. (Feb 2019 Update: Advomi sold its shares to the other shareholder)

Havliika | E-commerce for custom beach towels. Profited from the business for four years before selling it to our towel producer.

What I’m doing right now?

Advomi is a market leader in Bulgaria in numerous areas. We have been working on the challenges in the legal tech sector since May 2013, watching the companies in the west closely and being better than them in numerous ways (speed, efficiency, market adoption). Having a background of several years already in the LegalТech industry, we are eager to expand our business in South East Asia and from there, to become a global company. We are setting up a second HQ in Singapore. I will head that office and move there with my family. It will be a challenging year, but I do believe that there is a big side up in this adventure, with limited downside.

The book I wrote on how to run a profitable Airbnb business while you sleep made a stunning launch in Bulgaria. It sold out in under a month. So, I am running an experiment now – will test how foreign markets respond to that subject.

My whole family is moving to Singapore in about a month, so I’m dealing with this too.

I’m watching the stock market closely, waiting for it to hit the bottom, then I will make a move.

Updated: January 7, 2019.

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